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Pluma Construction Services’ success in the construction projects we undertake is a result of a global construction management approach which relies on our cost estimating and CPM scheduling personnel and our commitment to a proactive Quality Assurance Program.

Our primary responsibility is to ensure that our clients receive a final product constructed on time and within budget and that the final construction fully supports the stated needs and objectives of the owner.

To this end Pluma Construction Services of New Mexico employs a systematic construction management process which uses various controls and procedures intended to allow the design consultant maximum creativity within the budgetary constraints and programmatic objectives. The climate during construction is one that creates a sense of purpose on the part of the contractor which ensures the commitment of the contractor’s highest level of attention and resources.
The most important service PCM performs for it’s clients during the construction process is to ensure that the construction is in full conformance with the contract documents. It is PCM’s specific responsibility to monitor every detail of the contractors work as well as safety issues and to suspend any work which could endanger anyone’s safety. Quality control is facilitated by the full time Senior Superintendent provided by PCM and includes testing, construction observation, and directives to correct unsatisfactory work.

The timely and open flow of information is vital to the success of any project and includes the Request for Information form and log, Weekly Coordination Meetings, and Biweekly Progress Meetings.
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Close Out

Closing out a construction project in a timely manner may be one of the most challenging phases of any project. PCS policy, for all projects undertaken, is to close out a project and achieve Final Acceptance within 30 days of Substantial Completion. Upon Substantial Completion a 30 day Completion Schedule is drafted which includes all punch list items and close out documents. PCM’s level of effort is increased during this phase.

The Financial Picture

Typical activities included in monitoring the financial status of a project include payment requisitions and cash flow projections, change order negotiation, charge backs, certified payroll, and funding and available monies. PCS keeps extremely tight controls over all financial aspects of all projects.

Electronic Project Documents

Along with the hard copies of all close-out documents PCS provides it’s clients with Electronic files of all related project information. This includes scans of all correspondence, submittals, CAD files of all contract drawings and as-builts, as well as the entire archive of contract documentation and required project management software used to control the job.

All meeting minutes, correspondence, Consultant Amendments, Contracts, Permits, Certificates of Approval, Payment Requests, Change Orders and literally every single document related to the project is kept in duplicate hardcopy as well as maintained electronically, by scanning or saving to CD ROM.

Upon completion of the project, P/CM will turn over the CD ROM’s which will also include Video Files of Training Sessions by manufacturers’ representatives.

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