Green Construction | Pluma Construction Systems of New Mexico

We have the expertise for your energy efficient green construction project. We can build, consult and certify. 

Pluma Construction Systems has extensive expertise in energy efficient/green construction and retrofit for energy efficiency. Our New Mexico based staff boasts LEED AP, LEED expertise in new construction and LEED expertise in operations and maintenance, HERS certification, BPI certification, and Modular Construction Plant Certification expertise.

We understand green construction from the perspective of sustainability and energy efficiency. We have extensive expertise certifying projects for LEED, Energy Star, HERS and BPI retrofit. Pluma Construction Systems of New Mexico has managed numerous green projects for new construction, certification of retrofits, and operations and maintenance certifications.

We have expertise in the systems required to build green projects. From a design build and construction perspective we can specify and guide designers in energy efficient design starting at the foundation and slab, through wall design and envelope design, plumbing design, roof design, and mechanical/electrical systems design.

We understand and can guide designers with sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, and indoor air quality.We work closely with manufacturers for key energy efficient systems, to include insulation, cladding, membrane roofing, sheathing, mechanical, and electrical.

Looking for a single point of contact for sustainable, energy efficient, and green construction projects? Contact Pluma Construction Systems of New Mexico – we can build, we can consult and we can certify.